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Unholy Sanctuary

Unholy Sanctuary 

Salisbury, 1232

An elderly nun is accused of witchcraft after a priest dies under mysterious circumstances. When the nun tells Ela something that could turn the king against Ela’s nemesis, justiciar Hubert de Burgh, she knows she must whisper it in the king’s ear. Ela finds herself in a race to save the nun’s life as de Burgh tumbles from his lofty pedestal and chaos rattles the halls of power.



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The D'Albiac Inheritance

A violent encounter at a tournament thrusts Ela into a tug of war over an ancient manor. A young knight wants to wrest the family estates from his mother and Ela finds her own roles as countess and castellan challenged as accusations of murder ring in the air.

A Surfeit of miracles

Ela sets out to find the killer of a man found dead inside the nearby circle of ancient stones. Except that the victim is later seen walking in Salisbury and claims to have risen from the dead. Ela suspects the man is a charlatan and a murderer. Can she learn the truth when even the jury thinks he's a living saint?

Palace of Thorns

Salisbury, 1227

Ela Longespée’s friend Alice de Gilbert bemoans her barren and loveless marriage, but Ela counsels her to remain faithful. When Alice’s husband is found dead, Ela must prove her friend’s innocence—or try her for murder.

cloister of whispers

Salisbury, 1227

A priest is found cruelly murdered. A local outlaw is accused, and has disappeared into the king’s forest. Ela is keen to hunt down such an ungodly killer—but she soon finds that the story is far more complicated than it seems. 

Forest of Souls

Salisbury, 1227

A boundary dispute between two farmers leads to digging that uncovers an ancient settlement…with a recent corpse buried in it.  Ela Longespée must find the killer and restore peace between warring neighbors, all while negotiating her new role as High Sheriff of Wiltshire.

The Bone Chess Set

Salisbury, 1227

A traveling merchant’s death heralds a series of grim mishaps at Salisbury Castle. Ela suspects a plot to discredit her as sheriff. Can she solve the murder and save her reputation, or will she be the next victim?

The Ela of Salisbury series features a real historical figure—the formidable Ela Longespée. The young Countess of Salisbury was chosen to marry King Henry II’s illegitimate son William. After her husband’s untimely death, Ela served as High Sheriff of Wiltshire and ultimately founder and abbess of Lacock Abbey.

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Ela of Salisbury Medieval Mysteries

Cathedral of Bones

Salisbury, 1226

A young pregnant woman is found tangled in reeds in the river Avon, her identity a mystery. Grieving widow Ela Longespée is determined to succeed her husband as sheriff of Salisbury, and quickly takes charge of the investigation. She soon finds herself in the thick of a neighborhood scandal and a struggle to maintain her authority. With multiple suspects, can she identify the true killer?

Breach of Faith

Salisbury, 1226

A mysterious poacher claims to be a long-lost heir—to a man found crushed by his own cart wheel. Ela Longespée is determined to find the truth, even though the king has coldly appointed another sheriff in her place. Ela takes pity on the man—an injured knight who once saved her husband’s life—and convinces the sheriff to release him from jail while she investigates. Will it turn out to be a deadly mistake?

The Lost Child

Salisbury, 1226

A child of village outcasts disappears from Salisbury and the odious new sheriff doesn’t seem to care. Ela is determined to help the girl’s desperate parents. Her investigation leads her into the thick of a human trafficking ring in London. There, she vows to find the lost child, arrest the perpetrators, and convince the king make her high sheriff of Wiltshire.

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